Thanks to all for participating in the (oops) Holidays Tales contest! Here are your 2008 winners!

  1. Storyteller's name: K. McNichol
    My boyfriend had been out of town and was to return on Christmas eve. I thought I would surprise him with an early Christmas present by wrapping myself in a bow and getting in a big box I had wrapped and put in middle of the room with a big OPEN NOW tag on it. I heard the door open, footsteps through the rooms and him calling for me...then I hear scuffling, tearing of paper and as he opened the top of the box I jump out to see him and his parents he brought as a surprise!

  2. Storyteller's name: S. Catamount
    I was at an office Christmas Party and it was a good time to sing some carols. I asked our Program Director if he could lead us into a song. He looked at me for a moment and said, "Sure! I'll start." He stands before us and sings, "Maoz tzur y'shuati l'cha naeh l'shabeach..." OOPS! I had no idea he was Jewish!

  3. Storyteller's name: K. Padgett
    I was putting the finishing touches on some little dolls that I was sewing and I didn't want my 2 little girls to see them until Christmas so I ask them to go outside and play for a little while. As they were meandering out the door the phone rang and the littlest one answered the phone and said, "No she can't talk right now, we have to go outside and play because she is making babies and she doesn't want us to watch and she hung up the phone. (I still do not know who called that day.) Oops!

  4. Storyteller's name: A. Higgins
    I'm nearsighted and forever taking my distance-glasses off and misplacing them. One Christmas I was overwhelmed by my having to cook for 12 guests with no help. (Read recipe, glasses off/greet arrivals, glasses on.) I made a huge bowl of stuffing, repeatedly putting glasses on and taking them off again. I finally lost them completely, until my guests began to help themselves to the turkey's stuffing: I'd stuffed my glasses right into the bird. Am still "hearing about that one" every holiday :)!

  5. Storyteller's name: Nikki
    My parents had just bought a new oven for the holidays. We decided on a chicken dinner for the holidays since we just bought the house and new oven. While the chicken was cooking, I thought it would be a good idea to look at the oven. All the buttons were explanatory but, a certain sliding lever was not. I slid the lever over from right to left and locked the oven door. The lock activated the self cleaning mode. We could not get it open until the chicken was burned to a crisp.

  6. Storyteller's name: Elisabeth
    I was at my aunt's for one Christmas. There was this really cute guy there that I assumed one of my female cousins brought as a guest. He was much older than me and on a dare, my older female cousin dared me to kiss him under the mistletoe. I spotted him by a table and called him over. He was drunk but let me kiss him. Soon after, I was accosted by my aunt. "You know he's your cousin, right?", she told me. And I never go under the mistletoe any more.

  7. Storyteller's name: Joanna
    A few years back when I was married, I purchased a little gift as a joke for my husband which was an elephant thong with a face of an elephant. The nose of the elephant was meant to hold the male "package". I had gotten my new boss a tie that year and with the weight of each gift box being so light, I must have gotten the tags mixed up when wrapping. Imagine my red face when my boss saw the elephant thong!

  8. Storyteller's name: Beckie
    T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring -- except my daughter! A little girl wanted to know what was hiding in the gifts tagged with "Jamie" under the Christmas tree. Thinking that her parents, were all tucked in bed, she crept down the steps, and was at her destination when she heard a low voice exclaim, "Ho, ho, ho! I think you are being naughty!" from a prerecorded tape placed strategically in the fireplace and remotely controlled by her Dad.

  9. Storyteller's name: Lindsay S.
    The relationship with my in-laws has been strained since our marriage. Soon after we married we moved 1500 miles away to get a little breathing room. Unfortunately, that meant being away from my parents as well. Every time we go home for a visit with the in-laws it ends up being a big deal. So one year we told them we weren't going to be coming home for the holiday. Too bad it is a small town. We ended up pulling up next to them at the light! We ducked down, but we were caught. Embarrassing!

  10. Storyteller's name: Terri
    When I was growing up in Wisconsin, in the 1970's, my family decided to go to our cabin for Christmas one year. To make room in the car, my dad tied two big black trash bags filled with our Christmas gifts, to the roof of the car. After a five hour drive in blizzard conditions, and arriving at our cabin, we discovered that both bags on the car roof top, had blown off! My brother and I were so upset, no presents to open! Someone between Madison and Rhinelander, someone had a very merry Christmas

Contest ended December 31, 2008